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Jughead's Fish Fry

Family traditions are a staple in the Natchez area, and when it comes to food, they bare even more weight. Jughead's does just that. Their current location is relatively new, especially when you consider that the current owner's grandfather closed the original Jughead's about twenty-five years back. The great thing though, is that the family recipes have all been handed down, and they bring back memories to the locals who used to drive over twenty miles to the original restaurant. It was located inside the levee toward the Mississippi River, South of Vidalia, Louisiana, and you knew to go there hungry because you'd be treated to all you could eat. Fried shrimp, oysters, catfish, and pickles are the popular dishes among locals, but you'll want to ask for extra hush puppies because that's their specialty. Don't try asking for their hush-puppy recipe because the most you'll get out of them is a sly grin.
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Jughead's Fish Fry - (601) 445-8999

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