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Monmouth Inn

Monmouth Historic Inn is one of the most monumental estates in Natchez. The masculine strength of its design reflects both the forceful character of its most famous owner, General and subsequent Governor John A. Quitman, and the power of the Greek Revival style he chose for its ca. 1853 remodeling.

The home was built about 1818 for John Hankinson, an early Natchez postmaster who was a native of Monmouth County, New Jersey. Quitman, then a Natchez attorney, purchased the home in 1826.

Daily 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. tour of the historic property may be purchased at the home.

They celebrated their 200th birthday in 2018! Monmouth Historic Inn and Gardens was built in 1818 by Mr. and Mrs. John Hankinson, who, with their family, lived in the home until 1826. The inn’s most prominent owners were the John and Eliza Quitman family from 1826 to 1919. John Quitman was a military general and two-term Mississippi governor.


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