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Stone Gallery at J.N. Stone House

Located in at the J.N. Stone House, the Gallery offers a large collection of paintings, rare, early and antique maps, books, and prints, along with Native American arts, and pottery by George Ohr, “The Mad Potter of Biloxi.”

Maps such as the famous 1775 ‘Ross’ map of the Mississippi River are found here. Early maps from the 16th and 17th centuries are also in the collection, such as Coronelli’s 1688 L’America Settentrionale.

Traditional 19th century genre scenes such as Malcolm Stewart’s ‘The Tangle’ are available.

Rare books with a focus on the Natchez region are included. Regional artists such as Willie Earl Robinson are represented.

Native American pottery artists Maria Martinez and Angela Baca are included.

Local artists are featured in works such as ‘Cypress Knees with Louisiana Wild Iris and Palmetto on Bayou Black’, oil on canvas by Natchez artist William Marion Smith, Jr.

Major credit cards accepted. For more information, please see our website.
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