Pottery Workshop

Date: Apr 27, 2019
Learn how to make Native American style pottery with potter Brenda Seab Van Handel at a two-day ceramics workshop. Participants will learn about Native American pottery styles and will receive hands-on instruction, including various firing techniques wherein they will fire their own creation.

Native Americans have made fired pots for thousands of years. Locally sourced clay, coloring agents, and tempering methods are traditionally used by native artisans to create common wares for utilitarian purposes and beautifully decorated pots for artistic, ceremonial or commercial purposes. Various materials and technologies were used throughout North America, and the varying pottery styles are often used by archaeologists in determining the age of sites and the amount of trade that may have occurred at those sites.

Van Handel is a Natchez native who has created pots for over twenty years. Her interest in the art form was inspired by the pottery sherds that she discovered in her hometown, leading her to learn how the wares were made and decorated. While mostly self-taught through research and experimentation, Van Handel adheres to the art using traditional methods. Her pots can be purchased in stores throughout the Natchez area, including the museum store at the Grand Village.

The cost is $100 and registration is required by Thursday, April 25. Space is limited. Call 601-446-6502, or email info@natchezgrandvillage.com to reserve your spot.
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