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Program and book signing "Second Creek Archaeology"

Date: Oct 10, 2019

An archaeologist will share evidence of fourteen previously unknown prehistoric sites near Second Creek.

Daniel LaDu, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Southern Mississippi, will talk about how he and his co-researcher, Ian Brown, professor of anthropology at the University of Alabama, made their discoveries during a 2008 archaeological survey.

LaDu and Brown conducted a pedestrian archaeological survey, which is done by walking in a line across a landscape with an arm’s length distance between researchers. Notes about the artifacts LaDu and Brown came across and their distribution across the sites were documented in a daily log, meticulously kept by Brown.

The findings and the daily log make up distinct sections of the anthropologists’ new book, "Second Creek Archaeology: A Glimpse Into Mississippi's Past", published by Borgo Design.

“Much of the adventure lies in the search for answers, often to questions you didn’t even know to ask,” LaDu said.“The daily log presents what happened as it was happening. Here, we wash the dirty laundry (most of it) and hang it out to dry, with the hope that the reader appreciates that archaeological survey is not an exact science-far from it!”

Second Creek has been recognized for its importance in the prehistory and history of the Natchez Bluffs region. It is lined with American Indian mounds as well as the homesteads of several prominent plantations such as Palatine and Providence. LaDu has used findings from twenty-one sites along Second Creek to develop theories about how American Indians used the landscape to sustain communities and cultures.

LaDu received his BA in anthropology at the University of North Carolina (2007) and his MA (2009) and PhD (2016) at the University of Alabama, specializing in the archaeology of complex societies. He has more than a decade of major archaeological experience across the South.

Admission Cost: Free

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