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Relay of Voices

Date: Oct 11 - Oct 12, 2019


Relay of Voices, a project of the nonprofit A House Unbuilt, is “a research expedition traveling down the Mississippi River with the goal of gathering 'voices' from the landscape and individual residents of the river region.”This project is creating a national spotlight on the Mississippi River region, emphasizing diversity and the importance of the river from the headwaters in MN to the Mouth in LA by running and biking 2300 mile relay through 100 communities in 100 days.

From the website:

“Relay of Voices is spearheaded by artist, athlete, and Louisiana native, Victoria Bradford Styrbicki, who is working to connect the voices of river communities by traveling the 2,400 miles of the river at a pedestrian scale with the assistance of a “relay team” made up of support staff and regional volunteers. … A primary reason for choosing the Mississippi River region was the dichotomy of rural and urban communities there, with many of them still making a living off the water and land.”

Relay of Voices is partnering with the Mississippi River Parkway Commission in an effort to spread the voices of the river to a broader audience and bring more people to visit the river region.They are collaborating with the Water Institute of the Gulf to bring together art and science through this expedition.With sophisticated GPS body cameras worn while running, the team is gathering landscape data as well as the cultural data located in each town and city they visit.This data will be mapped and compiled into a book to reveal the vocabulary of the river region, providing a valuable resource for scientists, artists, policy makers, and the general public.

The City of Natchez is excited to have been invited to be a participant in this project and will welcome the team October 11-13.They will arrive at 11am on Friday October 11th, having run and biked from Churchill that morning, and will be met by the Natchez Police Department and local cyclists as they make the last leg of the morning toward the bluff. Friday afternoon and Saturday will be spent getting to know our story of our community and our relationship to the MS River through Interviews with local leaders and citizens, a youth dance and movement session, and exploring our community throughout those two days.On Sunday morning, they will leave Natchez, heading for Vidalia and the continuation of their trip through Louisiana.

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