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Julian Pernett Castilla in Concert

Date: Oct 10, 2020
Stanton Guest House - (601) 443-7664

There is encore concert with Julián at the Stanton Guest House on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020 at 6:00pm.

Julián Pernett Castilla’s pronounced natural talents in music, specifically in Latin percussion instruments, given the valuable cultural heritage from the Colombian Caribbean Coast, have provided a world of musical gifts to share with the world. His skillful versatility includes a wide-range of styles, from the classical tradition to Jazz idioms and Colombian & African musical idiosyncrasy.

An “artist of the sound,” Julián is more than just a pianist. His experimentation with different musical ideas inspired by the Great Masters of music history, have led him to the joy of musical expression through composition. This addition to his musical skills lets him fully explore musical thoughts with all options at hand, making each performance a truly personal expression through music.

Born in 1993 in Bogotá, Colombia, Julián began his music and keyboard studies at the tender age of four, with one of Colombia’s most important composers and pedagogue, Jaime Torres Donneys, and his wife, Esperanza Valbuena.

In 2008, he continued piano studies with his brother, Renato Pernett Castilla, who is an accomplished composer, arranger, and pianist himself.

Simultaneously, Julián began to immerse himself into the world of Latin-American music and Jazz, thanks to the guidance of his High School music teacher, Aristobulus Mazabell. This rich background of influences inspired him to become a professional musician. To achieve this, he began formal studies with Pilar Leyva, the former pupil of legendary pianist, Claudio Arrau.

An important part of his musical awareness and on-going pursuit of his craft has been participating in numerous masterclasses at national and international piano festivals, in addition to interacting with many renowned musicians of diverse genres and disciplines such as Blanca Uribe, Bill Summers, Chick Corea, Don Preston, Edoardo Torbianelli, and Lang Lang.

Admission Cost: $45

Admission includes Wine and Entertainment October 10th performance will be a spiced-up reinterpretation of the Greatest Hits of the 20th Century... With a side of Schumann, Jobim and Gershwin! AND it will include a special guest performer!

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