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Will Finley • Travis McCready LIVE

Date: Oct 15, 2021

Loud, confident, and determined to make himself be known, Will Finley is the life of the party - stocking the bar with energy and magnetic charisma. mixture of outright rebellion and Southern tradition, conformity was never an interest for his life or his music. Whether it’s bar hopping and throwing down or kicking back and lighting up, Finley is full of contagious spontaneity and this behavior translates in his original music and high-energy live performances.


Hailing from Natchez, Mississippi, Travis McCready has the sound of traditional guitar-heavy rock-n-roll and throwing it into a modern music scene with soulful flare. Like so many of the Southern musicians that came before him, Travis has an incredibly rich and soulful sound and is a direct product of the landscape that he grew up in.

Admission Cost: $15.00

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