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Quarterly Update from Executive Director, Devin Heath

Highlights & A Look Forward

This new year is off to a great start, and we are so excited to be able to announce several great projects on the horizon at Visit Natchez and in our community! With so many events and projects going on, it is easy to skip right past the last one and forget to smell the roses. So let us stop for a minute as I share the great projects happening.

First, we reopened the Natchez Film Office last fall with the purpose to support film projects in Natchez. We are thrilled to announce a new movie production coming to Natchez. You may have seen members of our team touring around producers the past few months. Well, thanks to your partnership and hospitality, we were able to impress upon K7 Entertainment to shoot their upcoming psychological thriller, From Black here in Natchez! This is quite different from other productions we have had here. Not only because it is a psychological thriller but also because the setting is supposed to be the Midwest. Productions are so impressed with the city and most importantly, the hospitality they feel from everyone they meet, that filmmakers are finding ways to make Natchez fit settings more easily found in other parts of the country. Expect to see production begin the fourth week of February.

So that begs the question….have you signed up to partner with the Natchez Film Office to be an extra or provide services to upcoming productions? If you haven’t yet, please click HERE and fill out the Vendor Form to add your information to our database!

Next up, work on the Official Visitors Guide is now underway! We have started work with the Natchez Democrat to produce the guide. This will be a new style guide for us and we cannot wait to finish it. This will be a “lifestyle” visitors guide which our industry is seeing tremendous success with. By design, readers will be able to learn more than just going to a list if they are looking for a place to stay, eat or experience. The articles will draw them in and expose them to other aspects of our community and provide more color and detail. They will be reaching out to members of our community to book advertising placements very soon.

We are also in the final stage of the new Visit Natchez rebrand! The board, team and community has been working together to help frame the brand during several sessions of a “MAP” Process by defining who our visitors are and who we hope to attract and what do we want those individuals to learn about Natchez. To date, we have been working on very “left-brained” work and not on the creation of the creative aspects dealing with a new brand. We have just started work on the creative phase of the brand and plan to reveal the new brand this Spring. We have ambitious goals for this brand and hope to have the whole city adopt it as part of our city. Your support will make this brand the most recognizable and valuable brand in the South!

Lastly, we want to make sure everyone knows our new address and phone numbers. We have moved downtown to Main Street, next door to the Home Bank building. With the move comes all kinds of changes including phone numbers. Our old phone number still works but the new numbers provide direct dial to our team.

I continue to share my gratitude with each of you for the impact you make on tourism here in Natchez. Everyday, I am amazed at how welcoming and warm our community is. You are making an impact in encouraging people to choose Natchez to visit, live or do business. And it is working. Our visitors often comment to us how friendly and welcoming everyone is to them. And now we can add another film project to prove it!

Devin Heath
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